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I fell in love with all things arts and craft at a young age doing crafts at home and also spending many a happy weekend afternoon visiting grandparents doing creative things there.


Having completed an Arts and Craft Degree, I taught for many years before deciding to start my own business.

The materials I work with are quite varied. I use ceramic materials and techniques, needle felting, crochet and embroidery including textiles. I pride myself in using sustainable and recyclable packing whilst also creating my pieces using local wool from a friends’ farm and recycled glass to create colours with my ceramics and glass pieces.

I hope you enjoy exploring my site!

Cheryl x

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Workshop Space | Kiln Hire | Bespoke Workshops

I offer workshop space and kiln hire. Bespoke workshops can be arranged to include ceramics,  needle felting and Glass.

Made in
The Peak District!

Peak District Crafts is a small, independent business based on our working farm in the heart of the Peak District with our workshop in the old milking parlour.

As a family with two young children we love the outdoors, walking and exploring. My artistic work is based on The Peak District Nature, Wildlife and our working farm. 

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere!

Around the Peak District - A Family Walk

Wedding Gifts

Take a look at my range of bespoke and unique wedding gifts.

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